August 25-27, 2017


Cittadella Cultural Centre, Victoria, Gozo




Local & International

3 International Feature Movies with a Maltese connection

Fri, 25th August 2017 - at 21:00 hrs
When Pigs Have Wings
( orig. Le Cochon de Gaza)
by Sylvain Estibal
France (2011)
(Arabic/Hebrew with English Subtitles)

Sat, 26th August 2017 - at 22:30 hrs
( orig. Gozo)
by Miranda Bowen
United Kingdom (2015)

Sunday, 27th August 2017 - at 21:00 hrs
( orig. Simshar)
by Rebecca Cremona
Malta (2014)
(English/Maltese with English Subtitles)

Gozo's First Film Festival

The “Gozo Film Club” is proud to announce the first edition of the Gozo Film Festival this summer from the Friday 25th to Sunday 27th of August 2017. A three-day long event promoting local (Gozitan and Maltese) and foreign filmmakers.

The festival will be held on the picturesque bastions of Gozo Citadel, in the heart of the island’s capital with indoor and outdoor events.

The Gozo Film Festival combine quality International short and feature movies with local movie productions, including children sessions and Film Making analysis.

The event is held in conjunction with VisitMalta, VisitGozo, the Gozo Ministry and Gozo Culture.

Festival Programme

When Pigs Have Wings

Filmed in Malta - After a tempest, fishermen do not find only fish in their nets. That is what happens to Jafaar, a poor fisherman who lives poorly in Gaza. And what he hauls in is really upsetting : imagine that, a pig! An unclean animal judged impure not only by the Faith of Islam but also by the Jewish religion.

Directed by Sylvain Estibal

with Sasson Gabai, Baya Belal, Myriam Tekaïa

Original language with English subtitles

DOCUMENTARIES (with a link to Gozo)

The Pinnacle of Excellence by Roy Davidson - Gozo, Malta - 15 mins

Developing Destinations - Nepal by Sean Cassar - Gozo, Malta / AUS / US - 65 mins

SHORT MOVIES 1 (family friendly)

Take my hand - Italy - 3:50 mins

Dar ir-Rummien -Gozo, Malta - 15:12 mins

Courage to make a Fool - UK - 3:51 mins

Brazuca - Greece - 19:04 mins

Boris-Noris - UK - 3:40 mins

POLIS NEA - Italy - 16:24 mins

Klementhro - UK - 3:50 mins

Zero mm - Iraq - 7:57 mins

Seek - Gozo, Malta - 2:00 mins

Mr. Satie and his family - Italy - 12:50 mins


A Swedish Classic - Sweden - 8:00 mins

No Place like Home - Gozo, Malta - 8:56 mins

Once upon a dream - Belgium - 13:25 mins

Honeymoon in the West - France - 14:15 mins

48 - Macedonia - 19:10 mins

A Whole World for a Little World - France- 15:00 mins

Toxicity - Malta - 8:11 mins


Gozo - Movie

Filmed in Gozo - Joe and Lucille emigrate to the secluded Mediterranean island of Gozo. Life is good and the weather is clement. But when a young tourist goes missing, past grievances return to haunt them. As the crack in their relationship begin to surface, Joe's grasp on reality begins to unravel.

Directed by Miranda Bowen

with Joseph Kennedy, Ophelia Lovibond, Daniel Lapaine

Children Program

Screening of 3 short movies followed by filmmaking workshop

Short movies:

Seek - Gozo, Malta - 2:00 mins

Zero mm - Iraq - 7:57 mins

Boris-Noris - UK - 3:40 mins


Framed - Italy - 07:00 mins

Lost Fort - Malta - 12:05

The Passenger - United States - 11:48 mins

Blanked - UK - 2:07 mins

Partner - France - 18:48 mins

12 Frames - Malta - 25:00 mins

Bitchboy - Sweden - 15:00 mins


Alicia - Malta - 17:26 mins

Rest in Peace - Sweden - 05:00 mins

The Devil is in the details - France - 19:25 mins

Between the Lines - Gozo, Malta - 03:12 mins

The Inuring - United Kingdom - 09:58 mins

Champion - Sweden - 19:00 mins

Couple Confine - UK - 4:07 mins

Mov bak plijz - Malta - 14:00 mins



Inspired by incredible real events, two parallel stories of survival at sea unravel around the Mediterranean island of Malta and culminate tragically when a Maltese fishing family is left stranded in open water

Directed by Rebecca Cremona

with Lotfi Abdelli, Jimi Busuttil, Sékouba Doucouré, Clare Agius, Chrysander Agius, Adrian Farrugia

Original language with English subtitles

32 Short Movies - 2 Documentaries Gozitan, Maltese & International

Dar ir-Rummien

Dar ir-Rummien (2015)
Malta - 15:12 mins

Set on the island of Gozo, “Dar ir-Rummien” (The Pomegranate House) is the heart warming portrait of young love through the generations. Starring Eugene Bajada, Sue Scantlebury, Ema Grech, Sam-Anthony Grima


Brazuca (2017)
Greece - 19:04 mins

During the summer World Cup, 11-year old Boyko will do anything to obtain 'Brazuca', the Official World Cup ball ...


Boris-Noris (2017)
United Kingdom - 3:40 mins

Boris-Noris is a short stop-motion comedy about NOT sharing.

The Passenger

The Passenger (2017)
United States - 11:48 mins

A taxi driver is shaken when a mysterious passenger is in dire need of an unusual favor.

The Devil is in the Details

The Devil is in the Details (2016)
France - 19:25 mins

1859. Alexina, a trainee school teacher in the young girl’s covent where she grew up, suffers from unbearables pains ...


Partner (2015)
France - 18:48 mins

Today, Tony is supposed to audition for a drama school. But Steven, his best friend and reading partner, doesn't show up ...


48 (2017)
Macedonia - 19:10 mins

A young priest, who has devoted his life to the church and has sworn an oath of celibacy ...


Klementhro (2015)
United Kindgom - 3:50 mins

Klementhro may not have it all, but at least he has his paddle. A cautionary tale.

The Devil is in the Details

12 Frames (2014)
Malta - 25:00 mins

Sue is visiting Gozo for the first time. In 1945 her grandma Rozi fled from Gozo never to return. What was the reason for her sudden departure?

A Swedish Classic

A Swedish Classic (2017)
Sweden - 8:00 mins

A woman in a tattered wedding gown wakes in the forest to the sound of a deafening car horn. She finds her husband in the crashed car nearby.

Couple Confine

Couple Confine (2015)
UK - 4:07 mins

Dinner games take on a whole new meaning for this couple.

Mr. Satie and his family

Mr. Satie and his family (2017)
Italy - 12:50 mins

Monsieur Satie is a modest tip tap dancer who lives begging along with his daughter Sophie, a blind born girl always conflicting with her father, when ...

The Pinnacle of Excellence

The Pinnacle of Excellence (2017)
Gozo, Malta - 15:00 mins

Ras il-Hobz is one of the best and most Unique dive sites in the Maltese Islands, and supports a diverse eco-system. This film follows it through the year and highlights the clash between Man and Nature.

The Inuring

The Inuring (2016)
UK - 9:58 mins

A bullied teenage girl finally confronts her sister to drag their fractured past out into the light.

Take my hand

Take my hand (2017)
Italy - 3:50 mins

A Whole World for a Little World

A Whole World for a Little World (2017)
France - 15:00 mins

A woman tells a great story to her baby. In the manner of a tale with princes and princesses, she remains into his memories to pass on his daughter.

No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home (2016)
Gozo, Malta - 8:56 mins

Ben and Julie are a couple in their late 60s having a quite debated argument. Things slip out of hand, words are uttered and things go downhill from there.Starring Penny Dix and Karel Fielka

Once upon a dream

Once upon a dream (2016)
Belgium - 13:25 mins

When Valentin meets Ludivine, he is convinced she's the girl he has been dreaming of for the past weeks...


Framed (2017)
Italy - 7:00 mins

FRAMED is a noir animated short-film, which explores the sensitive subject of alienation in society.


Seek (2017)
Gozo, Malta - 2:00 mins

A cute and creative stop-motion animation

Polis Nea

Polis Nea (2017)
Italy - 16:24 mins

2037, Polignano a Mare, a southern Italian gem. Most of its population now is foreign, so that English is the spoken language there and even the name of that small town has been turned into Polineano.


Alicia (2016)
Malta - 17:26 mins

After the death of her mother, Alicia drifts away from reality into a world full of shadows and fears, until she gets another chance to say goodbye...

Zero mm

Zero mm (2017)
Iraq - 7:57 mins

Some resourceful homeless children live in car park and struggle for life but dream big.

Mov bak plijz

Mov bak plijz (2017)
Malta - 14:00 mins

2003 The traditional orange-yellow bus and it’s proud, very particular and patriotic bus driver. DING-DING


Bitchboy (2016)
Sweden - 15:00 mins

Lukas, a young dedicated metal head, is visiting his recently departed grandfather at the hospital.

Lost Fort

Lost Fort (2016)
Malta - 12:05 mins

Being fed up with monotony and lack of ambition, a woman makes a radical change in her life but her actions push her to discover a mysterious place ..

Courage to make a Fool

Courage to make a Fool(2016)
UK - 3:51 mins

Kasimir is an elderly clown, lonely and tired in his dressing room, he recalls his past and rediscovers the joy of being foolish.


Toxicity (2017)
Malta - 11:12 mins

Toxicity is the degree to which a substance can damage an organism. By extension, the word may be metaphorically used to describe toxic effects on larger and more complex groups, such as the family unit or society at large. Sometimes the word is more or less synonymous with poisoning in everyday usage.

Developing Destinations - Nepal

Developing Destinations - Nepal (2017)
Malta/US - 1:05:00 mins

See life from a different perspective as we follow Gozitan born Sean Cassar as he interviews a vast array of people from locals to human right activists and militia to politicians.

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace (2016)
Sweden - 5:00 mins

Five kids gather to honor a recently departed friend. Each one of them have memories to share, but only of them dare to tell the truth.

Courage to make a Fool

Blanked (2017)
UK - 2:07 mins

A 2D short about a frustrated waitress fighting to stop an oblivious writer whose fantastical and deadly scenarios are coming to life.

Honeymoon in the West

Honeymoon in the West (2017)
France - 14:15 mins

Western, Comedy - Lisa, a young newlywed, is captured by a dangerous bandit. With his accomplices, they oblige her to attend the hanging of her husband, Mike. But ...


Champion (2015)
Sweden - 19:00 mins

Harsh midwinter. A frozen marriage in a remote cabin. An man from the past returns to seek revenge, and long lost feelings come alive...

Between the Lines

Between the Lines (2015)
Gozo, Malta - 3:12 mins

Lost between fiction and life, tragedy unfolds.

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