August 23-25, 2019


Cittadella Cultural Centre, Victoria, Gozo




Local & International

3 International Feature Movies with a Maltese connection

Fri, 23rd August 2019 - at 21:20 hrs
by Mike Hodges; with Michael Caine
U.K. (1972)
(English with English Subtitles)

Sat, 24th August 2019 - at 22:00 hrs
Limestone Cowboy
Romantic Comedy
by Abigail Mallia
Malta (2017)
(Maltese/English with English Subtitles)

Sunday, 25th August 2019 - at 21:15 hrs
Wickie the Mighty Viking
Family Movie
by Michael Bully Herbig
Germany (2009)
in English

Gozo's First Film Festival - Year 3

Following the success of the first two years, the “Gozo Film Festival” is proud to announce its third edition. This summer from the Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th of August 2019. A three-day long event promoting local (Gozitan and Maltese) and foreign filmmakers, with a whole new section dedicated to children and teenagers.

The festival will be held on the picturesque bastions of Gozo Citadel, in the heart of the island’s capital with indoor and outdoor events.

The Gozo Film Festival combine quality International short and feature movies with local movie productions, including children sessions and Film Making workshops.

The event is held in conjunction with VisitGozo, the Gozo Ministry and Gozo Culture.

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41 Short Movies - 1 Documentaries Gozitan, Maltese & International


97% (2013)
Netherlands - 8:07 mins

Via an app on his phone, Bert discovers that a 97% love match is near. Will he be able to find her before the subway train reaches the final station.

About a Wall

About a Wall (2015)
Italy - 2:01 mins

Two children wants to play together, but a wall grow up and create a frontier ...


Adulthood (2018)
United States - 7:27 mins

Sunny and Zack have to teach their childhood friend how to be an adult after he awakens from a 20 year coma.

Always Hope

Always Hope (2019)
Gozo - 5:08 mins

One of those amazing days when you expect to film one thing and the ocean shows you something much better!

>Always Remember Me

Always Remember Me (2018)
United States - 12:53 mins

Grief's a party.
A young woman confronts her past at her childhood best friends 7th birthday party. This is complicated, because her best friend has been dead for 18 years.
Based on true events.


Balance (2018)
Singapore - 3:38 mins

A boy and girl fight for painting space, both refusing to give in until the mess they create goes out of control.

Cold Fish

Cold Fish (2018)
Australia - 11:07 mins

An old man wants to commit suicide but a young boy stops him.

Da Sola

Da Sola (2019)
Italy - 4:34 mins

Sometimes we try so hard to do something on your own, just to prove to ourselves and maybe to someone else that we can do it, that we forget that it’s much more fun to do it together and that life could be happier if we could accept help once in a while.

Desert Child

Desert Child (2019)
Gozo/UK - 3:45 mins

A child ventures courageously on a journey in search of a lost star. Through braveness, trust and with a little help of a friend she discovers a whimsical new world.


Difference (2018)
Iran - 14:11 mins

A few young men are in a very weird situation towards each other, insofar as each one does not see the other one and denies his existence.


Dotty (2012)
New Zealand - 10:37 mins

A stubborn old lady struggles to send a text message to her daughter.

El Aguacate

El Aguacate (2018)
United States - 10:44 mins

Coworkers, Rosa and Raul always share their lunch breaks together, which always includes Rosa’s homemade dishes and an avocado from Raul’s tree. With hopes of companionship and possibly of love, Raul finally gets the courage to ask Rosa out on a date.

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail (2018)
United States - 4:15 mins

Coworkers, Rosa and Raul always share their lunch breaks together, which always includes Rosa’s homemade dishes and an avocado from Raul’s tree. With hopes of companionship and possibly of love, Raul finally gets the courage to ask Rosa out on a date.

Good Night

Good Night (2018)
Japan - 6:22 mins

For these twin boys, a little sibling rivalry is an everyday occurrence. And no matter how minor the infraction, as far as they're concerned, each quibble is like an act of war.

I lost myself when I found you

I lost myself when I found you (2019)
Gozo (Malta) - 4:50 mins

A young woman analyzes her previous actions and is able to see her subconscious motives behind them.

Il Tratto

Il tratto - The Line (2019)
Italy - 15:12 mins

Federico is an introvert and lonely child. A meeting with an old artist coming from Senegal helps him discover his talent and learn to see others for what they are. "The line" is a tale of a friendship that is founded on those differences that make each of us unique, and of the art of telling the story of ourselves through each other. 

In Your Place

In Your Place - Parru pi tia (2018)
Italy - 14:39 mins

Annachiara lives in the suburbs of Palermo with her family. She wants to win back her ex boyfriend. Her grandma suggests that she uses an ancient rite that could save the destiny of her lost love.

Isle of Capri

Isle of Capri (2018)
Sweden - 5:23 mins

Lina’s grandmother is in a severe state of Alzheimer’s disease. In order to make her remember again, Lina abducts her from the hospital and takes her to her abandoned childhood home.

La legende de la chevre

La légende de la chèvre ... (2017)
France - 0:42 mins

Listen to the teachings of the goat.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found (2018)
United States - 7:39 mins

A clumsy crochet dinosaur must completely unravel itself to save the love of its life. 

Lunar-Orbit Rendez vous

Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous (2018)
Canada - 14:45 mins

A woman-tampon joins a man-astronaut on a road trip to the moon. Daniel is on a mission to scatter his mother’s ashes and Claude is hoping for her period to make a miraculous return. A modern tale that captures the fever dream of a first voyage to the moon.

Lunch Break

Lunch Break (2018)
United States - 11:46 mins

Before she can go on her lunch break, office receptionist Mel is pushed to the limits by her boss's sexist demands, including babysitting his precocious six year-old son.


MAMA (2017)
Spain - 8:47 mins

A Syrian refugee girl trying to stay alive and make her way out finding a new home in a massive exodus under the Syrian civil war.


Marbut (2018)
Malta - 11:22 mins

A would-be groom wants to get to the church on time for his wedding but is abducted and wakes up tied up and blindfolded.

Paris you got me

Paris you got me (2018)
Germany - 9:02 mins

On her daily way home the protagonist Ksenia accidentally comes across the street-painter George...

Short Calf Muscle

Short Calf Muscle (2019)
Netherlands - 12:52 mins

Short Calf Muscle is an absurdist black comedy about Anders. And Anders is different. But he doesn’t know that. Yes, he’s also gay, but that’s not the point here. There is also this thing that others see but he doesn’t.

Sleepy Remi

Sleepy Remi (2017)
France - 1:12 mins

Life can be a little bit different and complicated when you're a narcoleptic boy like Rémi.

Sleepy Steve

Sleepy Steve (2015)
United States - 4:02 mins

A fuzzy bachelor has engineered his wacky morning routine with robotic precision.

The City of Honey

The City of Honey (2018)
Iran - 7:30 mins

Children dream and reality attacks them

The Duck

The Duck (2018)
Canada - 7:30 mins

A duck falls in love with a rock.

The Foghorn Trilogy

The Foghorn Trilogy (2019)
United States - 14:22 mins

La romantic couple at three crucial stages in their lives. Loosely based on the filmmaker’s parents, the whimsical film opens on a DJ in the 1960s who meets his future wife after a serendipitous visit to the radio station ...

The Funeral Dancer

The Funeral Dancer (2019)
Germany- 9:00 mins

"The Funeral Dancer" is a thought-provoking film about mediatized cultures in which everything is a social media event that needs to be shared virtually to gain social capital.

The head Vanishes

The Head Vanishes (2016)
France - 9:28 mins

Jacqueline has lost her mind a bit, but whatever, for her trip to the seaside, she has decided to take the train by herself, like a big girl! ...

The Inner Voice

The Inner Voice (2019)
Malta - 10:24 mins

Renowned therapist Dr. Elliot Albany is visited by a young transgender woman, Jade, who is troubled by a disturbing memory.

The Last Bird

The Last Bird (1973)
Gozo (Malta) - 16:25 mins

a quirky social commentary about bird hunting. Three avid Bird hunters and collectors learn of the rare sighting of a bird in a remote area of the island. None of them can resist the temptation ...

Starring: Joey Attard, Joseph Ruggia, George Diaz, Joe Farrugia

The Present

The Present (2016)
Germany- 4:19 mins

A teenage boy plays a shooter video game in a darkened living room behind blinds, but is surprised when his mother arrives with a box ...

The Stain

The Stain (2018)
Iran - 12:42 mins

The old man of the cinema salon cleaner after the release of the movie takes care of the stain on the screen ...

The Tooth

The Tooth (1971)
Gozo (Malta) - 11:02 mins

Dealing with a toothache while on holiday is no ones idea of fun, and even less so if you happen to find yourself in the middle of a desert. loosely adapted from a John Steinbeck novel.
Starring: Ken Dunn, Alfred Arnold, Joseph Ruggia


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