Gozo Film Festival

19th August - 21st August 2022


19th-21st August 2022


Cittadella, Gozo




Gozo Ministry, Cultural Heritage Directorate

3 International Feature Movies with a Maltese connection

Fri, 19th August 2022 - at 22:00 hrs
Brothers from Malta
by Julian Galea
Malta/Australia/U.S.A/ (2022)
(English with English Subtitles)

Sat, 20th August 2022 - at 22:00 hrs
by Alex Camilleri
Malta (2021)
(Maltese/English with English Subtitles)

Sunday, 21st August 2022 - at 21:20 hrs
Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra
Adventure Family Comedy
by Alain Chabat
France (2002)
in English

Gozo Film Festival - 4th Edition

After two years which have seen us having to cancel the event, we're finally back! So, following the success of the first three editions, the “Gozo Film Festival” is proud to announce its fourth edition. This summer from the Friday 19th to Sunday 21st of August 2022. A three-day long event promoting local (Gozitan and Maltese) and foreign filmmakers, with a whole new section dedicated to children and teenagers.

The festival will be held on the picturesque bastions of Gozo Citadel, in the heart of the island’s capital with indoor and outdoor events.

The Gozo Film Festival combine quality International short and feature movies with local movie productions, including children sessions and Film Making workshops.

The event is being sponsored by the Cultural Heritage Directorate within the Ministry for Gozo.

Our Partners & Sponsors

Ministry for Gozo
Gozo Cultural Heritage Directorate

33 Short Movies Gozitan, Maltese & International


Blobby (2014)
Canada - 2:07 mins

A man is followed around by a blob as he goes about his daily life.


Bob (2009)
Germany - 3:10 mins

Who says a hamster can't travel the world chasing down his lady-love?


Boje (2019)
  Germany- 9:43 mins

How do I know I love someone?
Boje and his father live in a remote cottage by the sea. With no one but each other. A boy longing for answers. A father struggling for words.

Always Hope

Colonie (2022)
France - 13:14 mins

Alone in his house, Leo, 12 years old, does not want to go to summer camp. When it is close to the time of departure, a disturbing presence prowls around, imitating his voice…


Cracked (2021)
Turkey - 5:00 mins

A little girl lives in a village with her mother where water sources are dwindling by day. Drought effects her imagination, even her doodles and drawings. Not only people but the nature struggles with the unrelenting aridness. This little girl though, never loses hope. She tries to do as best she can, sacrificing from herself for her beloved nature.


Ghalih (2022)
Malta - 6:09 mins

Life is not easy for Chris, who uses a wheelchair like his son Jacob. Ramona does her best to support both. Yet there is a secret that only Ramona and Chris know, which needs to be revealed sooner or later.


Glass (20189
Malta - 6:00 mins

Glass is a romantic story between a couple will meet on a ship and the story will start from a smile from Leila (The woman) but from a bad habit nowadays it will ruin everything.

Golden Minutes

Golden Minutes (2019)
Lithuania - 10:12 mins

When a heart attack strikes, a person has exactly ten minutes to be saved by the people around him. In medicine, this short period of time is called “Golden Minutes”.


Desert Child (2019)
Colombia/UK - 6:15 mins

Virtual reality has become an essential part of life, but with the reliance on it also come downsides.


L-Istedina (2021)
Malta - 11:04 mins

A woman enters an art gallery and is captivated by all the characters in the paintings. But only one of them can set her free

Lime Parfait

Lime Parfait (2022)
Australia - 7:55 mins

Where do we go to when we’re old? Where are we going now? On a hot day in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, Dani paints her Nanna’s pergola before the house is auctioned.

Lend Me Your Sugar

Lend Me Your Sugar (2020)
Norway - 8:51 mins

A grumpy recluse is challenged by his cheerful, love-struck neighbor. .


Lyrebird (2022)
Australia - 13:39 mins

A young man's repetitive day is suddenly altered by the unexpected companionship of an adventurous and unpredictable stranger.

Method Actor

Method Actor (2011)
United Kingdom - 3:58 mins

A short film which presents the monologue of a single actor. Through his reminiscences the audience gets an insight into a dark, confused and embittered mind.


Monumental (2021)
Malta - 5:00 mins

A deep spiritual journey starts in pursuit of the right place to leave a mark in the world we live in.


Mustacho (2020)
The Netherlands - 11:27 mins

Thirty-something Freek is reuniting with his friend from the past, who is looking for closure.

My Name is Fear

My Name is Fear (2021)
Germany - 5:27 mins

The charming emotion "Fear" that lives in your head wants to give an interview. Maybe you can become friends! Or is there a reason to be afraid of being afraid?

No Man's Land

No Man's Land (2021)
Malta - 13:30 mins

While a 'regular joe' waits to pick up his son from his swimming lesson, he witnesses a strange passer-by. This triggers a long-buried memory, and as the weird sightings continue, the man's world --and sanity-- start to disintegrate.


Orrajt (2020)
Malta - 8:56 mins

The uphill bilingual battle George needs to face as being both an English and Maltese speaker.

Searching For The Wave

Searching For The Wave (2021)
United States/Malta - 14:15 mins

Faye heartbroken and confused recalls her memories of her recent relationship with artist Ava in hopes to understand why she abruptly left in the middle of the night. This leads Faye to a speculative dark realization about her former partner's childhood.


Special (2021)
Australia - 14:45 mins

For 11 year old Mia the world of gymnastics is her safe-haven, but after noticing the development of an overly-close relationship between her teammate and her coach, she suspects foul play. With the help of her unfailing mood ring, Mia must decipher the truth of his intentions.

Speed Dating

Speed Dating (2014)
United States - 11:10 mins

Desperate to find the man of her dreams, sweet and plain Ava tries a last ditch effort, speed dating. But the absurd cast of characters she encounters makes her wonder if being single is not so bad after all.


Tama - Hope (2021)
Spain - 14:58 mins

Tama in Maltese means hope. “Tama” is the result of three years of filming NTM’s wildlife rescue team and their work with the turtles around the Maltese Islands; from protecting the nests, to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured turtles.

The Man Who Couldn't Die

The Man Who Couldn't Die (2019)
Denmark - 5:30 mins

Zdravko tells his story of a childhood trauma and his own death following a life as a drug addict

The Seat

The Seat (2018)
Malta/Uk - 11:33 mins

Mark and Chloe are moving in together. They're flat hunting and when choosing somewhere to live, Mark is adamant that the new place must fulfil one and only one condition: the toilet seat must stay up when lifted. A romantic comedy short about relationships, obsession and toilets.

The Smoke Seller

The Smoke Seller (2012)
Spain - 6:27 mins

A magician announcing himself as a "smoke seller" rolls into a little town and changes the lives of its inhabitants, if only for a day.

The Soapbox

The Soapbox (2020)
Malta - 12:37 mins

A young man becomes infected with a mysterious virus, that causes him to go insane.

Theo and Celeste

Theo and Celeste (2018)
France - 3:02 mins

As Theo and Celeste play a game of 'would you still be my friend if' to test their new friendship, their hypothetical questions become reality, forcing them to confront their deepest fears and strongest yearnings.

The Turnip

The Turnip (2022)
Estonia - 7:12 mins

The film's story is based on the Slavic folktale, which has been told for ages by the peasants point of view. The film shows story from underground angle - giving overview what really happened while peasants were engaged in the cultivation of vegetables. Also about property, collaboration and betrayal.


Unbreakable (2021)
United States - 2:50 mins

“Unbreakable” is the story of Barbara the Bunny. When she begins to persistently cough, “Quality Control” at the toy factory labels her “defective,” and so her search for treatment begins. She goes from shop to shop to no avail, until she discovers a loose string of yarn that takes her on a magical journey across town and into the arms of a toy repair shop owner.


Vanity (2015)
France - 3:58 mins

A girl's preparation for a first date gets a bit... weird.

Viking's gold

Viking's gold (2020)
Germany - 3:50 mins

Viking’s Gold: On an island in the far north Olaf, the Viking, lives in his fort. Although he owns a lot of gold, he lives there all alone with his dog, Bentley. So one day he invites the whole village to a party. He sets the table with the best dishes of the island, but nobody shows up… Olaf, being disappointed and furious, throws a fit, until he meets Viking woman Jette and her sick child Fin.


Wednesday (2020)
Canada - 11:30 mins

VIris and Leo are waiting for their school bus, just like any other day. This morning, however, it does not arrive. Facing no rules but their own, the two eight year-olds embark on an urban adventure, one they shall never forget, roaming the streets of Montreal.


Cittadella Theatre Hall (day)
St. John's Demi-Bastion (evening)
Gozo, Malta


Gozo Citadel